Frequently Asked Questions

Are you opening on sunday?
No we are not open as this is a public holiday

We will arrive at the wiesn time. Do you still have stock in leathertrousers till the end of the wiesn or do i have to do some reservation on trousers before?
Dont worry about. We have a huge stock also at wiesntime. Sometimes we run out in some models but there are plenty other models.

Do you offer big sizes like XXXL and more?
Please check by telephone before whats available at that time as these sizes can run out of stock!

Can you open the shop for us at a public holiday or sunday?
No as its forbidden by the goverment.

Do you ship to non European countries?
In the month April till August we do that. Lateron we have no more time for that service as we are all too much busy.

Do you sell second hand garments?
No we do not sell second hand.

Do you buy used leathertrousers or dirndls?
No we dont buy used items.

Are you offering some rental service for garments?

We do not offer any rental service.

When opens your Wiesn outlet store:
Our second store is located in Hermann Lingg Straße 7 only at wiesntime. The picture on the right side shows one of our outlets. Under the year please visit our regular store in Ruppertstraße 32 in munich.